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Practical projects

I like to focus my Club courses on practical things. Small projects, but very hands-on. Lots of nice stuff!

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I don't like boring stuff and I'm sure you don't too. I won't give you many chances to get bored.

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I want you to become awesome at Programming. JavaScript Programming and Web Development in particular.

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In our fast-paced industry it's easy to fall behind. My long-term goal is to give you, every month, a course about something exciting to play with, or just something you'd like to watch me doing.

You'll learn a ton of things, I promise!

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Getting your hands on a new course every month, included in your purchase, will be a great thing for your career.

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Not boring

I think most programming courses are boring. So, my goal is to bring you the excitement I get whenever one of my projects start working as expected!

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The Programming Basics Course

Learn programming. Start here if you are new to programming.

Introduction to Programming

Introduction to the programming fundamentals. Start here to enter this brave new world

The Main Concepts

After the introduction, let's dive into some more advanced concepts of how programming works, using the JavaScript language as an example

Introduction to Software Engineering

With the 2 previous modules as a solid base, we can dive into some more advanced Software Engineering topics

Tools of the Trade

An overview of all the tools you will need to use as a programmer, focusing primarily on Web programming

Solving problems using flow diagrams

How to analyze and draft algorithms using flow diagrams, on paper or using an app, before even touching a line of code

The JavaScript Fundamentals Course

Learn the JavaScript Fundamentals to the roots, using this hands-on course

JavaScript Language basics

Learn the basic building blocks of the JavaScript Programming Language

JavaScript Types

Learn all the details about the Types available for you in JavaScript: Strings, Numbers, Objects and more!

JavaScript Control Structures

Find out and experiment with the various control structures that JavaScript provides

JavaScript Functions

A practical introduction to functions, closures, hoisting and much more!

JavaScript Objects

Learn how to work with Objects, Classes and Prototypal Inheritance in JavaScript

JavaScript Arrays

A practical introduction to mastering JavaScript Arrays

The Advanced JavaScript Course

Learn the Advanced JavaScript Concepts

JavaScript Standard Library

Discover, one by one, the most important built-in JavaScript objects you are going to use in your day to day coding. From Math to Date to Number and beyond!

Debugging errors in JavaScript

Hands-on course on debugging JavaScript

Asynchronous JavaScript

Master callbacks, promises, async and await and understand JavaScript to the roots

Functional JavaScript

Learn the basics of functional programming with JavaScript. Discover what first-class functions are, and how to effectively use filter(), map() and reduce()

The Node.js Course

You can decide to pick a project based on the technology, rather than following the recommended path. If this is the case, here you can find what you are looking for. I recommend following the projects in order. You are free to jump through them, but the first projects are generally easier than the ones that follow.

Node.js Trip Planner

A REST API built with Express, using MongoDB as the backend.

Node.js Google Analytics Dashboard

Manage an app that talks to the Google Analytics API using JWT tokens, fetch information and display it using server-side templates using Pug

A Node.js Newsletter Management Application

Build a newsletter Form and Backend: create a form, use Airtable as a backend to store signups and send bulk emails

A Node.js Telegram Bot

Use Node.js to communicate with Telegram, respond to commands and create an interactive bot for your users that uses a 3rd party API to translate words into another language

The React Course

You can decide to pick a project based on the technology, rather than following the recommended path. If this is the case, here you can find what you are looking for. I recommend following the projects in order. You are free to jump through them, but the first ones are generally easier than the ones that follow.

A React Counter App

Use React to build a simple counter app

React GitHub Users App

Use React to build a simple app that consumes the GitHub API to gather the users' public information

React Pixel Drawing App

Use React to build a pixel art drawing app. A fun app yet instructive to build!

React Bill Tracker App

Use React to build an app to track your bills costs. This is a more traditional application, but one that is very fulfilling to create because you'll use it for real!

React eCommerce Site

Use React to build an e-commerce website, complete with backend and frontend

React Spreadsheet

Use React to build a spreadsheet similar to Google Sheets and Excel, which can also run formulas

Svelte Advanced Course: Build an Airbnb clone

Build a clone of Airbnb using the Svelte framework and in particular Sapper, a framework - built on top of Svelte and Node.js - for building high-performance universal web apps. This course is great even if you are completely new to Svelte because I give the step by step instructions and explain all the decisions in the app building process, which are independent regardless of the frontend framework choice.

Introduction to the project

Introduction to the Airbnb clone project

Static list and single property views

In this module we create the list view of properties and the single view, generated from a configuration file (as we have no backend and database yet!)

Implement the date picker

This part is very important and key to many functionalities of the Airbnb app. We're going to create a date picker component, understanding and reusing at the core an open source package

Allow people to login

Allow people to login and create an account on our Airbnb clone

Allow people to book a place

Allow people to book a place using Stripe. We must implement the calendar, and prevent people to book an already booked place. We'll store the data using Postgres

Allow people to manage their house

Allow people to insert a new house, and to manage existing houses.

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Check out what other people say about Flavio's courses!

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Flavio's courses are a great resource that you can reference from time-time when you get stuck. They are well-organized & follow a flow that will make understanding them easier as you go on plus you get to actually build something while learning ☺️

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I've been a follower of Flavio's content from his awesome material available from his blog and his free ebooks. It is nice to see the content available on the club keeps the same quality: bite sized lessons you can consume at any time, practical instructions and projects and up to date material. I totally feel much more confident now on my JavaScript skills and knowledge, and much more motivated to pursue a full time career on development. Flavio's club totally worth it: you stay on top of what's is best on tech, sharpen your skills and get around a community of motivated learners.

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Flavio is a great developer with the humility to show his process in development; instead of showing only the perfect 'Ciak'. This translates into a real lesson where you can learn the mindset, the approach you face, the theory but you come home with much more. Becoming a programmer is hard, Flavio is teaching me a serious and profitable approach to becoming a good developer with real projects.

Testimonial image 02

I've learnt a lot from Flavio's React.js, Node.js related courses, since my current job tech stack is using javascript a lot. The challenges in the end of each lesson are interesting as well. I do agree with Flavio as his courses format are not videos. So I can reference anytime I want to remind myself anything.

Testimonial image 01

Flavio did a great job with this course! You learn by coding useful projects. I wish I had followed a similar approach when I started coding in Node.js, it’s way more fun and you can avoid a few headaches.

Testimonial image 02

Flavio's lessons get you building real things right away. The variety of projects you'll build will serve as great examples for building your own products. He uses the latest libraries, tech and tools to get you up and running in no time.

Testimonial image 03

Node.js is the future. It's becoming more and more popular, both because of its. growing ecosystem and because it is great for people who already know front-end web development. And I can't think of anyone better to learn it from than Flavio. He is able to explain programming in an easy to understand way, the perfect balance between concise and in-depth.

Testimonial image 04

I loved every moment of this course. Flavio’s no-nonsense teaching style gets you up and running quick. And the best part: you’re actually building real-world apps and learning useful skills! This is a must buy for anyone looking to learn how to build great products!.

Testimonial image 05

One year ago I started learning Node.js and if I had a time machine I would send myself this course. It would save me a lot time and frustration fixing bugs that could have be prevented by understanding underlying concepts. Flavio's course does exactly this, explaining concepts concisely and transforming the knowledge into experience by building five projects.

About the instructor


My name is Flavio Copes and I'm a 36-year-old Computer Engineer. I've been coding for 20 years, and I've used Node since 2011. I have a passion for creating training material for programmers and I've published hundreds of blog posts and several ebooks on JavaScript, Node, React, Vue.

I work hard every day to give you the best learning resources I can.
I sincerely hope this club can be the answer to your needs.

And I have great plans for the future of it..


    Common questions

    • What's currently provided as part of the membership?

      The Programming Basics Course, The JavaScript Fundamentals Course, The Advanced JavaScript Course. The Node.js Course with its 4 practical projects. The React course with its 6 practical projects. The Svelte Advanced Course. More coming every month!

    • Will I get all your future courses?

      Yes, of course! As long as you stay subscribed, all the premium courses I'll create will be part of the membership program.

    • Do you offer refunds?

      Yes, of course! For 30 days after your purchase you'll get a refund no questions asked.